The Paper Waste Workshop is an open source mobile kitchen that invites everyone to join in, experimenting with and developing new biodegradable materials from natural resources and local waste.
At this stage we use a ubiquitous material which however rarely is thought of to be recycled; the paper posters spread all over Berlin, announcing the events of the next day. These short-lived and attention grabbing media in multiple layers add up to an enormous bulk of paper on fences, public walls and advertising columns.
By taking them off, revealing the ‘year rings’ of these urban surfaces, we harvest the paper in order to process it into a new sustainable material using basic biologic ingredients and simple kitchen utilities to create peculiar (and sculptural) objects for everyday use. The composite material used is shapeable like clay during the process and solid like plastic when dried.
The project contributes to the idea of sustainability and circular thinking to create a closed loop for the poster waste in Berlin (however, other types op paper waste could be used as well). The illustration below shows how the process of the paper goes from waste to bioplastic to decomposing and regenerating new material from it.
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