Tim van der Loo
(Post consumer) Material - Product designer
Tim van der Loo is a material and product designer – based in Berlin, born in the Netherlands – using post consumer resources to develop new surfaces and structures. Even though his main concern is sustainability, he cares about bringing a contemporary aesthetic to recycled materials. His works are reflections of a playful approach to the function and matter of objects for everyday use. The methodology used in his practice is to work with waste as a resource. 
Tim van der Loo takes two perspectives; working with craft, enabling independency with DIY tools, machines and techniques and working with the industry, meaning to collaborate, translate and to develop user items for bigger scale. Working within industry is set out not to design something new but to redesign the material that was wasted before and keep it out of being wasted.
Co - founder Nielsen / Van der Loo GbR - 2021 – now
Tim van der Loo (Material designer) and Sandra Nielsen (Techno anthropologist) joined forces together in their new venture, tackling the problem of wasted textiles. With their hands on and in depth field research they work on closing the loop of textiles in the fashion industry. With wasted jeans taking the main stage (New Blue), Nielsen and Van der Loo work together with researchers, scientist and brands to develop circular material products and concepts converting material seen as 'waste' into reincarnated textiles that tell a story of its life before.  
Co - founder hands.on.matter - 2018 – now 
Hands.on.matter unfolds the potentials of novel as well as traditional materials and production techniques as an outset for questioning resource use, consumption, sustainability and material culture of our current time. Through material workshops, talks and collaborative projects hands.on.matter seeks to push forward sustainable practices in the field of art and design 
Workshop manager/designer Textilhafen (Komm und Sieh gGmbh) - 2019 – 2020
The local system of donated second-hand clothing is put under a loop at Textilhafen. With its transparent sorting system, the employees are searching for suitable clothing to donate to the homeless of Berlin. Big amounts of clothing are leftover because they do not fit the requirements. Textilhafen is organising events, talks and workshops to create new visions and use the leftover second-hand clothing by giving it new value with reusing, upcycling and recycling. 

M.A. - kunsthochschule berlin weißensee, DE | Textile and Surface design - 2017 – 2019
B.A. - Design Academy Eindhoven, NL |  Man and Living - 2012 – 2016

Grants & scholarships: 
2021 | Re-FREAM - Awarded artist with the project New Blue
Re-FREAM is a pillar of the STARTS Programme (Science + Technology + Arts), an initiative of the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. 
2020 | DesignFarmBerlin scholarship with the project New Blue
2019 |  DAAD Abschluss Förderung (Graduation funding) with the project New Blue

2021 Jan. - New Blue - Nominated in the top 10 for the Green Concept Award of Green Product Award 2021
2020 Nov. - New Blue - Awarded for the German federal ecodesign Award in the category of young talent 2020. 
2020 Sept. - The Mattress Bag - First prize with the design competition MESH UP organised by Wilmersdorfer Arcaden (Shopping centre), Berlin
2021/March | E-publication  -NOROO Seoul/Milan Design Studio - cover all vol. 05 Overture - Trend forecast CMF & Application: creative Application - Profile of New Blue with interactive video. ISSN 2765-4397
2021/March | Magazine - form magazine #291 - Sicherheit,  STUDI TO WATCH - Profile: Textile designer Tim van der Loo makes from thrown away jeans a Neo jeans fabric. ISBN 978-3-943962-52-9
2021/March | Video - DW (Deutsche Welle), Eco Africa - Doing Your Bit: The circular economy of old jeans - Video report about New Blue
2021/March | Magazine - Creative City Berlin - Tote Hosen not dead yet - Interview (digital) about the joint venture together with Sandra Nielsen and New Blue  
2021/April | Trend book - Heimtextil - Trend Book 21/22: Nothing New, Everything New - Visual contribution with New Blue and Digital Patchwork. 
2020/December | Publication - Department of Culture and Communication of the Netherlands Embassy in Germany - Recipes for the Future - Project: Written and visual contribution. Publisher: Onomatopee, NL, ISBN: 978-94-93148-41-3
2020 | Newspaper artical - 30.05.20 Tagesspiegel - Nie wieder Kleidung wegwerfen: Tim van der Loo macht aus alten Jeans neue - Project: Article in the newspaper, interview about the project New Blue
2020 | 01.04.20 Forscher Magazine/Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung - Bioplastik selber machen in Forscher Magazine #1 2020 - Project: Educational article with instructions making DIY bioplastic.
2019 | hands.on.matter - Notes from a series of material workshops - Project: Process and visuals of the project New Blue
2016 | Graduation catalogue - In need of… , Design Academy Eindhoven - Project: Project description about graduation project Fragmented Luster

Exhibitions, lectures and workshops:
2021/Nov. | Lecture - Kunsthochschule Kassel (Produkt Design) - Berlin, Germany
2021/Juli | Exhibition & Talk - New Blue - Gr_und gallery - All Good(s) program of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Berlin - All Good(s) - Berlin, Germany
2021/Juli | Exhibition - New Blue - Martin Gropius Bau - All Good(s) program of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Berlin, exhibition for the visit of HRH king Willem Alexander and HRM queen Maxima - Berlin, Germany
2021/Febr. | Lecture – New Blue - Wear It Berlin - Wear It Live: Sustainability in Tech - The Future of Fashion, Textiles, and Electronics with Wearable Tech - Berlin, Germany
2020/Oct. | Exhibition (Digital) - New Blue with DesignFarm Berlin at Dutch Design Week 2020 - Realities: How can it be different? - Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2020/Oct. | Exhibition (Digital) - New Blue and Square Loom Weaving with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Germany, Berlin at Dutch Design Week 2020 - All Good(s) - Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2020/Sept. | Exhibition -  New Blue – feldfünf e.V. - Projekträume im Metropolenhaus Berlin/Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin e. V. (IDZ) Bundespreis Ecodesign Austellung zur Jurysitzung / Exhibition for the jury meeting 2020 - Berlin, Germany
2020/May | Lecture - The Paper Waste Workshop and New Blue - Local International IV social design + crafts. Exchange program for fashion design students from Dhaka and Berlin - Berlin, Germany
2019/Nov. | Exhibition - New Blue - MEK (Museum für Europaïscher Kulturen)  Fast Fashion: Die Schattenseiten der Mode | kunsthochschule berlin weißensee - Berlin, Germany
2019/Nov. | Workshop - The Paper Waste Workshop - HFBK (Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg) Hamburg, Germany
2019/Feb. | Exhibition - New Blue - hands.on.matter - Re/Upcycling Textile - Berlin, Germany
2018/Nov. | Workshop - The Paper Waste Workshop - Palast der Projekte/Lars Zimmermann, Fichtelgebirge grundschule, Berlin, Germany
2018/Jun. | Workshop/Exhibition - The Paper Waste Workshop - Open Source days Euref Campus, Berlin, Germany
2018/May | Exhibition - The Paper Waste Workshop - l’Atelier, Berlin, Germany
2016/Oct. | Exhibition - Fragmented Luster - Dutch Design Week - Graduation Show Design Academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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