The New Blue project stems from a desire to rethink the notion of recycled materials and create a truly circular product lifecycle by reimagining how to recycle jeans. 
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A New Kind of Blue is a Berlin based design studio looking for locally embedded solutions to global problems with the starting point in circular economy. A New Kind of Blue is founded by material and product designer Tim van der Loo and Techno-Anthropologist Sandra Nicoline Nielsen. A New Kind of Blue strives towards rethinking the notion and aesthetics of recycled materials and creating truly circular product life cycles.
Together with DesignFarmBerlin we created a video for the (digital) Dutch Design Week 2020: 
This project was initiated at weißensee academy of art Berlin at the Textile and Surface design department as M.A. graduation project under supervision of Prof. Dr. Zane Berzina, Prof. Dr. Lucy Norris and Dipl.-Des. (academic assistant) Christian Frank Müller.
This project received funding from DesignFarmBerlin (Europäischer Sozialfonds) in 2020 and the DAAD Abschluss Förderung in 2019. 
This project was supported by charity organisation Textilhafen

New Blue currently receives funding from:
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