Status quo is a research about recycling discarded jeans into new material on the scale of the individual maker and industrial production. The focus is put on how individual and industrial methods of processing the recycled material differ. 
Starting with the question, how to decompose jeans textile and process it into different qualities of (compound) material, it looks at how it ultimately can be used for new applications in furniture and products.
The two different approaches start with the raw material; the jeans fibers, processed by cutting and shredding into small fibers. These go for development and research to STFI and the other part was being processed experimentally with low-tech technologies – looking at resources that can be used on a low profile scale. In the industry they are looking for new approaches to create non woven materials out of recycled Jeans and binders, while I was working with bioplastic recipes as a binder. Both have promising but different qualities that will lead to new materials for the near future. 

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