Digital Patchwork is an iteration of the New Blue embroidery technique. Grids are embroidered to bind and reinforce the textile base, that in this project is pre-consumer fabric cut-offs from clothing manufacturing. 15% of all manufactured clothing is leftover after cutting the pattern out.and is being wasted. Count all the amounts of produced clothing and you see a lot of waste is already created before it reaches the consumer.
Digital Patchwork is finding a solution to reuse each cut-of by recutting them into smaller pieces. A patchwork pattern of the small pieces is manually placed on a stabilizing fleece that is water soluble. A horizontal and diagonal embroidery grid of 10mm is applied on the fleece with a thread of the same material composition as the small pieces. After washing the stabilizing fleece dissolves and shows a unconventional digitalized patchwork textile that can be applied with different materials for different purposes.
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